Staðbundin Þekking

Staðbundin Þekking 

(Local Knowledge)2020InstallationHand-dyed textiles, Lithuanian and Icelandic medicinal plants, grandma’s old curtain

Some objects are not easily recognisable outside their usual habitat, whether it is in the wild or in an industrial setting. When someone speaks a language we do not expect them to speak, we are caught off guard and temporarily cannot comprehend what is being said. This piece addresses that transition and questioning moment, while offering a safe space to come back to one’s senses. This is a walk through local wisdom, something that we recognise but cannot put in words. Some aromas may take you on a nostalgic route, perhaps it is the smell of childhood home? 

Just like some of us, plants move from place to place, wherever the wind will take them, will become their home.

Herbs feed both humans and animals; they heal us. Some are even magical, so stay open!

My piece caught the eye of Húrra Reykjavík: