The Entire World is a Foreign Land

The Entire World is a Foreign Land is an art project that began with a performance by Gudrita Lape and Greta Kšivickaitė at SÍM, Reykjavík, Iceland, in June, 2020. Lithuania-born Gudrita and Greta each experienced similar adversities when, as children, they migrated to Iceland and Germany, respectively. Even though they came from different backgrounds in Lithuania, their common experiences growing up in new cultures inspired a collaborative performance, with of Greta telling her story, while Gudrita performed with two guy ropes knotted in hangman’s noose pulling her into two directions. The emotional response from the international audience showed how relatable the subject of the immigrant’s struggle is. This project came to life—and it will continue to develop over time—to raise further awareness about migration, identity crisis, linguistic attrition, culture shock, assimilation, and first and foremost Third Culture Kids. 

Feel free to write or draw your stories in the empty spaces of the book and share them with the hashtag #foreignlanders