A collaboration with Laura Zmogus between 2012-13 where we were exploring stories of feminine energy in Lithuanian and Iranian cultures.


The date of the explosion/earthquake : 30.05.2011, 9:53 Date of the after-quake: 30.05.2011, 11:50 * *as recorded on the Couchsurfing database

Life can sometimes be a tremor. A traumatizing one or an uplifting one. 

1st and Last Chapter:


It is clearly arguable when the hurricane began, therefore we cannot take the responsibility for presenting you with uncertain dates and timings of events that occurred after the first rumbling vibrations (*). Many of us have experienced similar happenings in our lives, but the more often they occur, the more we tend to discriminate them with degrading names such as: coincidence, accident or even a fluke. 

Since nature brings us it's own fýlukast every now and then and recently even more often, we try showing our kindheartedness by giving them names, starting with A and ending with Z (femininity) instead of numbers and random letters which are usually given to invisible/undistinguishable asteroids(masculinity).

This, so-called, happening we would like to entitle as Gudri/Laura-2011-2012 Quake, or shortly: G/L11- 12 

(For participants: Choose the name you prefer: □ Gudri/Laura-2011-2012 Quake □ G/L11-12) 

As recorded later on, the possibilities of the reoccurrence of after-quakes fell down as the vibrations moved towards the Atlantic ocean, but started spreading formerly unseen pulsations as the other part of the G/L11-12 reached the Persian Gulf around the end of 2011. Around the end of spring of 2012, the pulsation turned into strong vibrations anew and hereafter we will discuss these occurrences from a closer point. 

The unseen tremblings of even deeper level started sending strong thunders across the central Europe and the strongest connections were recorded in Iceland and Lithuania as well as Northern Italy and Istanbul. The transformation of the vibes couldn't be recoded due to the strength of them, which lead to symptoms of retrograde amnesia for the researchers team. 

On early morning of 15th of August, 2012, the first connection vibe of the quake reached the former site of the second vibe (not far our from the Baltic Sea) and providentially due to this miss-out, no explicit events were recorded. Unfortunately, few days after the 2nd vibe bounced back to it's former site and caused strong turmoil in the outer space, so far, that's all that is known about the quakes.